About Us

Serving the Hindu community as well as the wider community who are sympathetic to Hindu religion and culture, the Derby Hindu Temple is a vast modern and purpose-built temple occupying grounds on Pear Tree Road.

Aartis (twice daily worship) are held daily, yoga classes 3 times per week and Hindi classes on Saturday mornings. Throughout the year we celebrate many Hindu religious events, charity walks as well as exhibitions and visits from highly-regarded Hindu mentors.

We are licensed to hold civil marriage ceremonies and have a large hall, catering size kitchen and parking on site to cater for this or for any other functions. School visits to our temple are a regular feature and we welcome such interest in gaining knowledge about the Hindu religion. We respect the peace and privacy of the residents in the locality and ask the same of visitors to our temple.

Hindu Temple Derby Brief History

Indian community started to immigrate to UK d some of them settled in Derby back in 1950 and they brought the aspirations of Hindu culture and traditions with them from India. Back in those days there were no facilities for community to prayers and worship and the family had ‘Satsang’ in their houses.

However, in 1960 number of Hindu families started to multiply in Derby then 1975 under the guidance of late Mr Ram Asra Shastari a handful members of the community got together and established a Hindu Mandir in old building at Normanton road Derby.

As members of the temple increased a management committee was elected to oversea day to day functions and finances of the temple. Then respected persons of the Hindu society joined the management committee who worked very hard and raised lot of funds with an aim to build a new temple in Derby as the old building was not very safe and large enough to cater for large functions. After a few years of use the building which was unsafe caught fire and vary large part of it was destroyed however, with the efforts of the community a hall was built downstairs for small gathering of public to hold Kirtan and other functions.

With lot of courage and determination of new management committee and with collection of funds from all the Indian community of Derby in year 2000 a land for new Mandir was purchased at Pear Tree Road to build a new temple. Unfortunately, there were certain group of people in the Hindu community who created lot of difficulties to the construction of the building. However, with good will of majority of members of the society and efforts and perseverance of some dedicated indivisibles a new temple was built and inaugurated in year 2009.

The new temple’s main building has worship and Kirtan Hall which is located upstairs and other function hall is located downstairs. The old building has a small hall for functions and accommodation for the mandir pujari and visiting speakers who are invited to hold talks on Hindu religion. The both function halls small and large are available for public for private and puja functions at very reasonable prices that also includes the kitchen facilities for cooking and serving meals for the visiting guests. There are ample parking facilities for the victors which is free of charge.

The temple has resident Pujari (Priest) who conducts regular Arti and Puja in the temple but he is also available on request to perform puja at induvial home where a small donation is made to the mandir. The temple pujari is also available on request to perform marriages and attend funerals and Hindu ceremonies for the family at passing away of their loved members. For funerals the main function hall is also available for use of the family and guests without any charges

The temple is now registered to conduct civil marriage and has an appointed registrar who is authorised to issue marriage certificate. Functions such as parties, engagements and weddings within the guidelines of temples can be performed in main or small hall.

The temple is registered charity body which provide services for welfare of the society and conducts various functions for Hindu community of UK. The temple has legal has body of trustees who are the legal guardian of the temple and has democratically elected management committee who looks after day to day running of the temple and maintenance of the building. The management committee is elected by individual members of the temple. The temple membership is open to Hindu community of Derby and neighbouring cities and towns.