Hinduism is not considered to be a religion, but a way of life, because religion is deeply interwoven into the life of a Hindu the way nerves are interwoven in our bodies. It is very difficult to separate living and religion in the life of a devout Hindu. Both are inseparable. Both compliment each other. Both exist because of each other and both would lose their meaning and significance without the other. Religion is the centre of living and living is the centre of religion.

Religion is there in every aspect of a Hindu’s life. Religion is his inseparable companion, guide and philosopher. It is there, always, however modern or advanced he may be, whether he believes in God or not, at the back of his mind, like a tuft of hair on the head of a priest, deeply rooted in his subconscious, firmly entrenched in his being, from which he cannot escape even if he chooses to follow another religion.

If we live with a divine sense of responsibility, every act that we perform in the course of our lives can lead us into the mysteries of divine life and into the highest transcendental state of light and delight.